California-Man-Faces-up-to-Five-Years.jpg Bitcoin 

Bitcoin (BTC) | Man Faces Up to Five Years for Unlicensed BTC Sales

A US citizen from California has just pled guilty in federal court for operating an “unlicensed money business” selling Bitcoin (BTC), called The Department of Justice (DoJ) released a press release about the case yesterday, October 29th. Unlicensed Bitcoin (BTC) Sales Jacob Burrell Campos has admitted to selling “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in Bitcoin (BTC) to over 1,000 customers on The transactions took place from January 2015 to April 2016. The DoJ has characterized his sales as an unregistered ‘Bitcoin exchange.’ Burrell failed to register his business with…

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Bitcoin-Drop-Bitcoin-Losses-200.jpg Bitcoin 

Bitcoin Drop | Bitcoin Loses $200 in 24-hours, Crypto Market Follows

The crypto market is suffering huge losses across the board today. And leading the drop-off is the largest coin by market cap; Bitcoin dropped from over $6,500 to a new two-week low of $6,243 in early trade today. The coin has lost over $200 in a 24-hour period, and as happens more commonly than not, there is no definite reason for the sudden drop. Bitcoin Drop The sudden Bitcoin drop has come somewhat as a surprise. The world’s biggest coin has been hovering between $6,600 and $6,400 for 14-days straight. A…

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SC-Johnson-Will-Offer-Crypto.jpg Cryptocurrency 

SC Johnson will Offer Crypto for Recycling in Indonesia Soon

SC Johnson has just announced that it has teamed up with Plastic Bank to reduce the global ocean plastic crisis happening around the world. The companies are currently trying to increase recycling rates in impoverished communities within Indonesia, while also trying to address the challenges of poverty. SC Johnson Blockchain SC Johnson and the environmental organization are planning on opening eight plastic recycling centers in the future and will offer its local tokens for the waste collection. The first center will officially open on October 8th in Bali. The press release…

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Walmarts-Blockchain.jpg Blockchain 

The Walmart Blockchain Project | Solving Online Delivery Complications

Walmart blockchain: Delivery is one of the most challenging aspects of online retail and Walmart is determined to solve its delivery problems with blockchain. Back on July 5th, the big box retailer headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas was rewarded a blockchain patent that focuses on the scheduling and delivery of packages. The patent was originally filed back on January 3rd, 2017. Delivery Hub The patent talks of delivery hubs, very similar to Amazon’s lockers, which will use a public blockchain to determine available capacity and make reservations for delivery. The information…

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Gamblica-e1520034651921.png ICOs 

Bringing Gambling to the Blockchain

The Gamblica ICO launched yesterday, initiating Stage 1 of its token sale after a successful private pre-sale. Gamblica is an international gambling platform using blockchain technology on the Ethereum platform. Gamblica prides itself on being developed by players for players. The goal is to provide an enjoyable user experience through a system that can be relied on to play fair. Much of the issues revolving around gambling through centralized sources is trust. The Gamblica ICO hopes to eliminate gambling fraud by giving players the opportunity to check and verify the platform’s algorithms. The transparency…

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Jack-Ma-Alibabas.jpg Cryptocurrency 

Jack Ma on Blockchain | “Useless” Unless It Helps the Environment

Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Executive Chairman, has never been shy about his thoughts on the newest and latest technology. The Chinese businessman, investor, and philanthropist has been a long-proponent of blockchain technology but recently made a firm statement on its future. Let’s take a closer look at Jack Ma on blockchain. Jack Ma on Blockchain Ma believes that blockchain and other advanced technologies still need to prove they can help society evolve in a “greener and more inclusive” direction, local news outlet cnBeta reported. Ma told those present at the World…

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Lionel-Messi-Sirin-Labs.png Blockchain 

Sirin Labs Blockchain Smartphone | Lionel Messi Endorses the FINNEY

Sirin Labs blockchain smartphone: Sirin Labs, the same company that brought Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy to the London-premier of its ‘world’s most secured phone’ just two years ago, is releasing a more affordable Android phone this November. The company’s latest blockchain-based smartphone endeavor has an even bigger endorsement this time around, the world’s most popular soccer star – Lionel Messi. The company’s original blockchain-based phone, Solarin, was only affordable to the rich and sold for a whopping $16,000 a phone. Now, the company’s latest phone, the FINNEY, will be…

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Viola-AI-e1520029392200.jpg ICOs 

Viola.AI ICO – Revolutionizing Online Dating with Artificial Inteligence

Have you ever used an online dating site? It can be a bit scary and overwhelming but that’s where Viola.AI comes in. Viola.AI was founded by the Lunch Actually group, Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company. They have 13 years success and over 1.4 million users. The group has expanded to the world of online dating to solve the many problems it has been plagued with for years.   A common issue and recurring theme among most online dating is the lack of identification verification. Some have faced showing up…

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SpaceX-Engineeer.jpg Cryptocurrency 

Crypto Daily News | Former SpaceX Engineer Starts a Crypto Exchange

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover the details of the SpaceX engineer’s new crypto exchange and what Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister said about crypto lately. Crypto Daily News: September 17th, 2018 Former SpaceX Engineer Starts a Crypto Exchange Joshua Greenwald, former SpaceX engineer, is currently the CEO of LXDX and the company just announced that it is launching its own public digital currency exchange. LXDX currently holds its own proprietary software that’s focused on levels of performance not currently seen in the current crypto market. LXDX offers a low…

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Toyota-Ford.png Blockchain 

Automobile Blockchain | Toyota, Ford, & GM Looking at Distributed Ledger

Automobile blockchain: Various companies around the world began jumping on the blockchain bonanza last year when cryptocurrency spread like a wildfire in the media and grew in popularity. Everyone tried to see how this new technology could benefit their current systems or even ride the blockchain ‘buzzword’ for a while. Long Island Iced Tea Inc, an iced tea company and tea distributor, jumped on board and changed their name to Long Blockchain Inc to gain some stock momentum as NASDAQ was threatening to de-list them. Another area that began looking into the…

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