ICO Scams | FBI Attempts to Educate Investors on ICO Red Flags

The United State Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken it upon itself to educate investors on ICO scams. The Bureau didn’t release an official statement, however, the news was shared in an interview with The Paypers this morning. ICO Scams with the FBI The investigator being questioned in the interview remains unknown at this time, but the answers are said to reflect the Bureau as a whole. According to the FBI, there are several key things to look out for to tell if an ICO is a scam. The first…

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Real id ICOs 

Asia’s digital ID technology developments gain pace

Real ID advances with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and cross-racial facial recognition accuracy The recent spate of data breaches—ranging from a flaw in Google + that led to its shutdown and the reported hacking and collection of 120 million Facebook users’ data for sale—have highlighted the potential for abuse of digital identity. The digital world thrives on speed and trust. When trust is broken, the cost to businesses and individuals extends beyond the loss of sales or income. Reputational damage, legal costs and the potential loss of future opportunities are…

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Colorado ICOs | Regulators Stop Another 18 ICOs

The US federal authorities are strict against ICOs, or initial coin offerings. Projects are being shut down before they can even get started and this is now happening at State level. Colorado ICOs Shut Down Four more ICOs in Colorado were put on notice on Tuesday. This brings the total number of ICOs stopped by the state’s bodies to 18 this month. That number is expected to reach 20 as the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies hinted that two more ICOs are pending. The state’s ‘ICO Task Force’ is investigating…

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AccumulusThreatShieldToken_optimized ICOs 

GBMS Tech Announces Launch Accumulus Threat Shield (ATST)

GBMS Tech Announces Launch Of Accumulus Threat Shield (ATST) ICO Backed ByNext Gen Unified Cyber Security Platform Built On The Blockchain As computer hacking and viruses become more and more prevalent, all computer users will need protection to prevent data breaches and viruses. It’s not just the big corporations at risk any more, but also everyone and anyone that uses a computer and stores sensitive data. GBMS Tech is launching a complete cyber security platform that aims at preventing hackings and threats before they happen, instead of curing the problem.…

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Gamblica-e1520034651921.png ICOs 

Bringing Gambling to the Blockchain

The Gamblica ICO launched yesterday, initiating Stage 1 of its token sale after a successful private pre-sale. Gamblica is an international gambling platform using blockchain technology on the Ethereum platform. Gamblica prides itself on being developed by players for players. The goal is to provide an enjoyable user experience through a system that can be relied on to play fair. Much of the issues revolving around gambling through centralized sources is trust. The Gamblica ICO hopes to eliminate gambling fraud by giving players the opportunity to check and verify the platform’s algorithms. The transparency…

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Viola-AI-e1520029392200.jpg ICOs 

Viola.AI ICO – Revolutionizing Online Dating with Artificial Inteligence

Have you ever used an online dating site? It can be a bit scary and overwhelming but that’s where Viola.AI comes in. Viola.AI was founded by the Lunch Actually group, Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company. They have 13 years success and over 1.4 million users. The group has expanded to the world of online dating to solve the many problems it has been plagued with for years.   A common issue and recurring theme among most online dating is the lack of identification verification. Some have faced showing up…

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Truegame-e1520288992314.png ICOs 

Truegame ICO – iGaming on the Blockchain

The Truegame ICO presale started today, opening up to the public at last. Truegame is a gambling ICO, or, an operational iGaming project situated on the blockchain. Truegame prides itself on the fact that it didn’t release as an ICO during the ICO hype of 2017; instead, the team behind Truegame waited until they had a working product and community feedback before moving ahead with a public ICO. Today is the first day of the public ICO pre-sale Stage 1. The pre-sale is split into three stages: Stage 1, starting…

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ARround-e1520380275725.png ICOs 

ARround ICO | Personalize Your Shopping Experience

Ever walk around and wonder what stores are having the best deals? The ARround ICO is looking to bring you all those answers and more. What is ARround? ARround is an advertising network and communication platform in augmented reality, built on the blockchain. Users will be able to construct a personalized world around them through their smartphones or augmented reality glasses. The ARround platform, through the ARround app, will allow users to see deals on particular items or compare store sales. Users can interact with objects via the ARround app. They will…

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Depositphotos_68920259_m-2015.jpg ICOs 

Token Sale Fails | Why Some ICOs Don’t Have a Chance

Last year was quite a run for cryptocurrencies. Led by a crazy run by Bitcoin but also boosted by ICO funding craze. The media kept the eye-popping amounts some of these companies were raising via token sales in the headlines which created a feeding frenzy that hasn’t really slowed down yet. To many, it certainly must have seemed like a quick, easy way to raise funding. The reality is that it’s difficult and very expensive to run a successful ICO, and with each passing month, it gets even tougher. Fortune…

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Apolo-Pic-2-e1520554682819.jpg ICOs 

U.S Olympian Apolo Ohno | HybridBlock Exclusive Interview

I had the pleasure of getting to sit down and talk with the world’s most decorated winter Olympian, Apolo Ohno, in an exclusive CryptoCurrencyNews.com interview today. After retiring from speed skating just five years ago, Ohno quickly jumped head first into the business world. With a heavily competitive spirit and tenacious drive to do everything full force, he surrounded himself with like-minded individuals and was thus introduced to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. As an early adopter of this emerging space, Ohno quickly began to realize the powerful potential of cryptocurrency…

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