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ARround ICO | Personalize Your Shopping Experience

Ever walk around and wonder what stores are having the best deals? The ARround ICO is looking to bring you all those answers and more. What is ARround? ARround is an advertising network and communication platform in augmented reality, built on the blockchain. Users will be able to construct a personalized world around them through their smartphones or augmented reality glasses. The ARround platform, through the ARround app, will allow users to see deals on particular items or compare store sales. Users can interact with objects via the ARround app. They will…

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Token Sale Fails | Why Some ICOs Don’t Have a Chance

Last year was quite a run for cryptocurrencies. Led by a crazy run by Bitcoin but also boosted by ICO funding craze. The media kept the eye-popping amounts some of these companies were raising via token sales in the headlines which created a feeding frenzy that hasn’t really slowed down yet. To many, it certainly must have seemed like a quick, easy way to raise funding. The reality is that it’s difficult and very expensive to run a successful ICO, and with each passing month, it gets even tougher. Fortune…

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U.S Olympian Apolo Ohno | HybridBlock Exclusive Interview

I had the pleasure of getting to sit down and talk with the world’s most decorated winter Olympian, Apolo Ohno, in an exclusive interview today. After retiring from speed skating just five years ago, Ohno quickly jumped head first into the business world. With a heavily competitive spirit and tenacious drive to do everything full force, he surrounded himself with like-minded individuals and was thus introduced to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. As an early adopter of this emerging space, Ohno quickly began to realize the powerful potential of cryptocurrency…

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Velix.ID Token Sale is Coming

RegTech startup Velix.ID has been wheeling and dealing the past couple of weeks, adding a handful of strategic partnerships ahead of their upcoming ICO. New partners include crypto exchanges Coinsecure and Bitxoxo, and the online marketplace Bazista. The Bazista deal is focused on keeping user data secure and creating an easy and intuitive shopping experience. Bazista is developing an online marketplace which will use cryptocurrencies and digital assets as primary payment methods. The company is currently running an ICO and hopes to launch their platform by the end of this…

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Kepler Technologies ICO | Investing In Robots & “The Future”

Is this the future of robotics? What is Kepler Technologies? Kepler Technologies is working towards developing and producing AI and robotics, powered by blockchain technology. They are working on “the creation of the Future.” Kepler recognizes that robots and AI are becoming a daily part of our lives – think Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, or even down to the voice control on your smartphone (Siri anybody?). Kepler wants to participate in this rapidly expanding robotics market by shifting AI interaction onto the blockchain. As the robotics market continues to…

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ImmVRse ICO | The Future is VR

With the ImmVRse ICO fast approaching, here’s everything you need to know about ImmVRse. What is ImmVRse? ImmVRse is about bringing VR to the blockchain. It wants to build a decentralized VR content sharing platform that will act as a collaborative board for VR creators, advertisers, and businesses. One of the main driving forces behind the ImmVRse ICO is to build a space on the blockchain for VR specialists to connect with one another, share their creations, and find work in the VR industry. It’s a system that wants to…

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The Four-in-One Crypto Exchange/Education Ecosystem

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing HybridBlock’s co-Founder, Apolo Ohno, in an exclusive interview about his project. >> Exclusive Apolo Ohno Video Interview HybridBlock is designed to be a four-in-one cryptocurrency exchange platform centered around education. In our interview, Mr. Ohno expressed that a lack of education is the reason cryptocurrency isn’t adopted on a mass global scale yet. Today’s exchanges, wallets, and blockchain ecosystems are far too complex for the uneducated but interested individual. Seeking step by step modules and education on digital assets and blockchain technology…

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South Korea Lifting ICO Ban?

According to The Korea Times, South Korean financial authorities are discussing plans to re-introduce ICOs into the country. Last September, the South Korean government banned ICOs, not trusting cryptocurrencies and their lack of regulation. However, this didn’t deter South Korean startups. Instead of running ICOs in their own country, they simply turned to foreign investments to get their startups running. Now, this may no longer be necessary. An anonymous source stated: “The financial authorities have been talking to the country’s tax agency, justice ministry, and other relevant government offices about…

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Are 80% of ICOs Scams?

Back on March 21st, Sherwin Dowlat posted an article via Medium titled “ICO Quality: Development & Trading.” Dowlat is a researcher, apart from the Static Group LLC that bills itself as an “ICO Advisory firm” based out of New York. Along with his partner, Michael Hodapp, they have constructed a rubric for how ICOs can be classified and ranked. The ICOs are broken down into 6 groups: Scam, Failed, Gone Dead, Dwindling, Promising, and Successful. I don’t quite understand the reason for the six, but there are six groups, none-the-less. Let’s…

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$1.7Bn Raised, Becomes First Ever Billion Dollar ICO

With 1.7 Bn$ Raised, TON Becomes the First Ever Billion-Dollar ICO in the History of Cryptocurrency. The brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov continue to demonstrate to the world their ability to do business, reaping a successful career in each of the investments they make. Pavel Durov has known how to interpret the needs of the markets, and his first commercial success came with the creation of Vkontakte, a company that knew how to take the benefits of Facebook, adapting it to the customs and needs of the Russian population, while…

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