Facebook Coin | Catalyst for Crypto Growth, Says Spencer Bogart

With the introduction of the Facebook Coin, the cryptocurrency world is facing a revolution. Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital, in an interview with Bloomberg, shed some light on the media giant’s venture into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Trickle-Down Effect of Facebook Coin In the interview, Bogart stated that there are several catalysts on the horizon in the cryptocurrency market despite the speculated “bottom” being reached. One good catalyst will be the anticipated Facebook Coin that will change dynamics in the cryptocurrency industry. The Facebook Coin project will be an incredible project…

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Bitcoin Price Tumbles Further | New Low for the Coin

Bitcoin price is tumbling further today, dashing any hopes of a rally that some felt was certain thanks to current extreme oversold conditions. The world’s largest coin by market cap is currently selling for $3,301.60 USD according to But earlier today, it fell to $3,200, representing a 15-month low for Bitcoin and not helping bulls’ hopes for a revival. This is the lowest level since September 2017. Bitcoin Price Drop In the last four weeks alone, Bitcoin has dropped 49% in price. Surely, sellers are exhausted, and Bitcoin is set to turn around.…

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The-Petro-Coin.jpg Cryptocurrency 

Petro Coin | Beginning Global Trade in Venezuela Come October

Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, just made a bold statement regarding his oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro Coin. The Petro Coin Maduro appeared on the national VTV channel today and delivered a speech about his country’s latest economic issues. According to VTV’s official website, Maduro said: “The Petro enters the street, as a currency of exchange, purchase and convertible currencies for the world.” However, the Venezuelan president didn’t specify the areas where the Petro will be used. Maduro also didn’t name any countries willing to accept the Petro Coin. This oil-backed cryptocurrency was…

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SBI-Holdings-min-e1537908662567.jpg Cryptocurrency 

Japan’s SBI Holdings | Creating “S coin” for Retail Purchases

Japan’s SBI Holdings just announced that it is testing a cryptocurrency to be used for retail purchases. SBI published the news via a press release on its website this morning. SBI Holdings’ “S Coin” The news showcases SBI’s test for blockchain’s possibilities within the company. The “S coin” used will be a settlement coin that allows users to charge and settle payments of products on their smartphones. The translated release reads: “In this demonstration experiment, for SBI group employees, we will construct a mechanism that allows cashless settlement at ‘eating…

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Nicolas-Maduro-Urges-His-Venezuelan.jpg Cryptocurrency 

Nicolas Maduro Urges Venezuelan Residents to Invest in Petro Coin

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, called on workers in his country to save money in gold and his cryptocurrency ‘The Petro’ during a salary shake-up Thursday. According to the local news source Noticiero Digital, in the next few weeks workers will be receiving their bonuses in the Petro coin, instead of fiat. Nicolas Maduro and The Petro Maduro said: “In the coming weeks the payment schedule of the bonuses will be fulfilled with the new salary tables set in the petro, which is from the economic recovery program that started 58…

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