Crypto Theft Could Hit $1.2 Billion in 2019, Says Cipher Trace

Crypto theft has greatly reduced this year compared to last year as regulators continue to enhance their scrutiny and the enforcement of anti-money laundering controls. Crypto Theft Could Hit $1 billion Mark Despite being $500 million less than last year, crypto theft could still go well beyond a billion dollars by the end of this year. A quarterly report released on May 1 by Cipher Trace indicates that investigatory specialists had found that over $356 million worth of crypto had been stolen in Q1 2019. The amount stolen includes the CoineBene…

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Bitcoin Lowest Level Hit Again

Bitcoin has hit its lowest level again this year. Is it the beginning of the end for Bitcoin? I bet that question has been asked many times over in 2018. Bitcoin gained house-hold name status around Thanksgiving last year. That was the kind of year Bitcoin had in 2017. Bitcoin’s Lowest Level But now, Bitcoin is down more than 30% since Thanksgiving 2017. But that’s not as bad as being down 60% on the year, 18% this week alone, and hitting the lowest level of 2018 today. At the time…

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