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Viola.AI ICO – Revolutionizing Online Dating with Artificial Inteligence

Have you ever used an online dating site? It can be a bit scary and overwhelming but that’s where Viola.AI comes in. Viola.AI was founded by the Lunch Actually group, Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company. They have 13 years success and over 1.4 million users. The group has expanded to the world of online dating to solve the many problems it has been plagued with for years.   A common issue and recurring theme among most online dating is the lack of identification verification. Some have faced showing up…

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Crypto Online Transactions | UTRUST Wants to be the Paypal of Crypto

A Swedish company wants to make crypto online transactions as simple and as safe as using PayPal. But can such a feat be accomplished in such a volatile marketplace? Crypto Online Transactions The cryptocurrency market is still considered to be in its infancy, and many skeptics believe that, as a currency, it is hard to spend it day-to-day. Proof of this issue is that only 2% of online retailers accept crypto despite the increase in adoption for traders and businesses alike. Fear remains surrounding the volatile nature of a crypto’s price.…

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