Blockchain Firm AmaZix is Tackling Crypto Scams on Telegram

When something becomes popular, illegal activity tends to follow. The cryptocurrency market knows this all too well, which is why AmaZix this week opened up its “moderation bot” so crypto scams can be booted from Telegram, a popular messaging app. Here’s what we know. Telegram Crypto Scams On Wednesday, AmaZix, a blockchain advisory firm, said it was opening up access to its “moderation bot,” in an attempt to boot the crypto scams that have found their way to the Telegram app. For the past two years, AmaZix has used the…

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Telegram-Halts-ICO-Plans-What-Happened.jpg ICOs 

Telegram ICO Plans Come to a Halt

The London-based company – Telegram, has halted its plans to broaden its ICO. This news is significant, considering this was the largest crypto fundraising effort in the world. What has caused the Telegram ICO plans to stall? Telegram ICO Plans News broke this week that Telegram has shut down its public ICO. This may come as a shock to a few, considering the significance of the fundraising effort, as well as the fact that Telegram had been pushing to make a mainstream crypto for some time now. Initially, Telegram was…

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